Today’s herb that I wanted to talk about is comfrey! I don’t have pictures to share with you as my plant was recently given to me and right now it just looks like a thick green stalk! You can find plenty of pictures on the internet though.

Comfrey is a wonderfully beneficial plant. The latin name for comfrey literally means “bone-knitter”. It repairs broken skin and bones so well, that is wise to be cautious how much you use. You wouldn’t want to trap dirt and debris inside a wound, so if you do use comfrey to treat broken skin, make sure to clean it out completely first.

There are several ways that you can use comfrey. You could make infused-oil, salve, or a poultice with it. Once, I was treating a deep slice my husband received at work by making a strong tea and soaking his hand in it each night for several evenings. (This is the site that I got most of my information from with that incident.) I have also used it postpartum after two of my babies, and I experienced quicker healing than I did with my first.

Another way to use comfrey around your house is as a fertilizer! This is new to me, as I came across this while doing the research for this post. I am excited to try it in my garden as soon as I can. My husband and I were just discussing how that we likely need to fertilize some of our crops, and we enjoy doing trying to find simple and sustainable ways to do things as much as possible. You can find a lot more information on this idea here!

I use comfrey in my “Everything Salve”. And we use that salve for…well…everything! I’m thrilled about having my own comfrey plants now in my herb garden, and I’m looking forward to continuing learning more about it, and ways to use it!

Tell me. Have you used comfrey?

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